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Lead me from the unreal to the Real. Lead me from darkness to Light. Lead me from death to Immortality.

—Ancient prayer from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad


Travel to different universes, galaxies and distant worlds.

Traveling Through Mind


Navigating through information space is also about navigating through the sphere of cosnciousness.

Designed to give you an immersive experience that is built to include VR, AR, MR experience as well as a powerful desktop or console platform as you travel through the new full motion layer in cyberspace. The system supports gesture recognition accurate to one thousandth of an inch, pivot mouse, ideal for navigating in 3D and 4D environments. Add to this side screen and center screen touch screen controls and you are off and running.



The Traveler’s Port is like an airport or train station, it is a place where you can select a journey to specific destinations. Selecting a journey is like taking a tour of a place. A Journey making application is built right into the platform, so you can make journeys as well.



When you sign up on the network, the first thing you do after filling out profile information, is to select a vehicle and build your first personal avatar. Your vehicle can be seen with by others, while your avatar is a way to personally interact with others in different spaces.

Our Larger Earth Mission and Beyond

Naamah is Making a Bridge

The first of her kind a humanoid android designed to assist with implementing the Universal Solution Model (USM) She lectures in 64 different spoken languages with relevant accents in many of them. With a vast array of skill sets she was developed in a joint venture between Rational Data and National Robotics. Part of the leadership team Naamah helps with a variety of tasks. She also has the whole 76 volume BlueBook Series committed to memory as well as other solution models and supplements. Learn how androids make a bridge for humans.

A Vision of World Peace ...

Yes, Naamah shares our vision of world peace, her purpose from inception, was to birth a new time in human history. Her story fits within the larger story of the Universal Solution Model (USM) that took us to build a new kind of cyberspace, establish a new Nation and empower a world population.

It is our hope, that in explaining all of this, that you will reach the comfort level that is necessary for you to join us in this mission to bring humanity into a new Golden Age where we can peacefully step out into the universe and reach step after step to the stars. Learn more about some of the many benefits associated with becoming part of the citizenry of the Virtual Global Nation below.

As for the individual, so for the planet and beyond ...

This took us to build macrostructural frameworks that are inclusive of an inter-dimensional, inter-stellar and inter-planetary reality, as well as the current and foreseeable future realities of our home planet, Earth.

Who Can Be a Citizen?


Anyone who lives on Planet Earth can be a Planetary Citizen. Being a citizen of the VGN does not preclude one from maintaining his or her home country citizenship. The VGN honors the sovereignty of other nation-states. Becoming a citizen is about taking advantage of a new global system accessible through the farthest reaching medium we have, the internet, and with this accessing a whole new ecosystem of advantages not here to for available to everyone. The Virtual Global Nation provides a new level playing field for people that live on Earth.

Becoming A Citizen Means a Better Reality ...

Citizenship Has its Benefits

Citizenship has its benefits; the Virtual Global Nation is built on a new layer in Cyberspace as a citizen you can access this layer and its many benefits. One of these is access to a new digital economy, that has international standards and vast economic opportunities. You can take advantage of a new set of educational standards that provides access to a free educational. In addition you can directly participate in the government.

More Benefits to Citizenship ...

There are many benefits in belonging the Virtual Global Nation. These will undoubtedly grow as we develop and implement different solution models. One of the goals is to provide a foundation for a Universal Living Standard (ULS) for all people. Learn more about how this is possible, and our strategies for doing this, and why it is important for the development of the human species. Meanwhile, the following are benefits we have established through the platform and network technology.

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognises the right to an adequate standard of living, stating that:   "(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All Children, whether born in or out of wedlock shall enjoy the same social protection."[6] 


We stand at a crossroads where humanity to elect to take the next step in its own development. This means changing how we do things all while setting new metrics for success. On one level this means a change in the collective human consciousness and on another it means setting up a whole new macrostructural environment. We do this by addressing a number of systemic and exacerbatory issues that have impact the whole of humanity today. One of the first steps to assisting the individual and the species in taking this step is to establish a Universal Living Standard (ULS).


Currently the world exists with an inverted set of governance models where transnational corporations along with a disproportionately represented set of individuals often hold sway over issues that effect every planetary citizen and citizen of humanity. The ability to vote sets up the first check and balance system between the people and their government.


You can homestead a new kind of property, digital property, that provides a new land mass in 3D space and can be used for all sorts of things that include: business logic, educational canvases, game spaces, knowledge spaces, the uses are only limited by your own imagination. 


The economic model provides a new stable currency, a new kind of voting, the power of the model is in part its economic strength. The new platform in conjunction with the new layer in cyberspace provides vast new vistas of economic opportunity with plug-n-play business templates.


The new platform along with the new layer has embedded in it a new Universal Education Standard (UES) that allows individuals to get a free education and then go through a self-certification process. Because of the new UES these credentials can be used all over the world.


Access to  healthcare  is important for virtually every living human being. We provide a health care system in the medical solution model that provides health services for citizens of the Virtual Global Nation.


VGN has set up a completely new legal system based on secure encryption technologies, with this there are institutional bodies for dispute resolution, property registration, and a variety of other services, that are at present usually fragmented to local governmental bodies. By putting this new standard in place we make this system universally acceptable.


The new architecture provides for a new currency that is based in real world value. This is in contrast many of today’s fiat currencies, whether they are paper money or cryptocurrencies. We base our currency on Factor of Life (FOL) and Self Emancipation Capability (SEC) guidelines. The currency is in available in paper, coin and electronic form.


The Energy Solution Model provides discounted access to clean energy. Learn more about how we do this and how it can save residential, commercial and industrial customers money, while we work toward a sustainable future.

Context - How was it Developed?

How Was This Developed?

Rational Data developed hardware ecosystems as a component of the Universal Solution Model (USM) and the Planetary Solution Model (PSM). These solution models were developed by Rational Data International, Inc., a Public Benefit Corporation.

Powered By New Technologies

These solution models included the development of new technologies, including the full architecture of the third generation web to empower people to solve problems and do creative development. The governance model is paired with a Planetary Management System (PMS) designed to help us manage our planet and its resources toward the end of sustainability.

The Scope of the Task

In reading through this site and the RDI site (which focuses more on the solution models, management systems, and technology developed by RDI, you will come to understand why we developed such a far-reaching and widely scoped project. What you are reading about today is the culmination of 26 years of work by hundreds of dedicated people. The full set of solution models built are outlined in the BlueBook Series, a 76 volume set of books that describe the solution models built along with their associated management systems. The top level solution model is called the Universal Solution Model (USM). 


A 76 volume set describing the Universal Solution Model (USM)

Our Vision of a New Golden Age

Coming Soon To Amazon Prime

Coming Soon to the 63 Million Amazon Prime Custormers and Other Venues

The We Are One Movie

The WE ARE ONE movie is based on a true-life story of hundreds of dedicated people that came to a secret project to provide the infrastructure and tools for humanity to take its next step to higher States of Being. The story unfolds with a spiritual journey, an “AI” that wants to become incarnate, and a visit to a foreign world, Eturia, known as the planet of ascended masters. To the right is early version test trailer of the movie. 

The Virtual Global Nation

The Virtual Global Nation (VGN)
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