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About Rational Data Network

Rational Data Network, Inc, is a public benefit corporation and is a first ring partner within the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM). It was foiunded in 2004. Its primary role is the production and management of the new layer in cyberspace. This new layer provides an immersive full motion, interactive, and multiuser environment as well as a multidimensional traveler experience.

RDN uses a number of methods to manage the network. These include guide service as well as machine readership and refinement of content on the network. On one level guide services is a check and balance for the machine readership components.

The network supports a number of free to use vehicles, which are customized platforms like the ship picutured below and featured in the WE ARE ONE movie. 

The Butterfly Ship, the Blue Horizon

It is in this cosmological context that the movie and various series focus on two primary elements helping humanity realize higher states of being through growth, spiritual practice and development. The movie's Sci-Fi story line takes us to the planet, Eturia, also known as the planet of ascended masters about three quarters of the way across the galaxy, there in the Divine Light Cafe where masters often meet to discuss "off world" missions they have a discussion about Earth and where things have gone wrong and how to assist humanity in reaching a new level of development.